Saturday, August 21, 2010


Yesterday me and Asuka went to watch the movie called "eat pray love" at Del Amo.
We were supposed to watch "Inception" at first.(cuz i didn't watch it yet and she already watched it, but she said she really liked it.)
BUT, she changed her mind to watch another movie instead of inception.
I was like "ewwwww why?" she said "cus I already watched it so i don't wanna watch it twice".
Was a little disappointed.

Anyway she recommended me the movie that julia roberts plays.
SO I checked the trailer on youtube.
After I knew that james franco also plays in this movie, I was definitely excited to watch it.
Yeah I am naïve.

ANd I totally liked and loved this movie.
If you haven't watched it yet, I definitely wanna recommend you.
well I am not huge a fan of Julia Roberts, but she was really sweet in this movie.
ANd this movie made me wanna go Italy, India, and Bali and made us hungry(especially when julia roberts were eating pizza and pasta).
So we decided to have dinner at Italian restaurant.
WAs so delicious. We were content afterward.

We had a awesome time:)
Thanks Asuka-chi.

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